Would you like to have high-speed internet with unlimited data in your home?

We are the oldest and largest local internet operator in the eastern suburbs of Wrocław – from Długołęka to Kamieniec Wrocławski. We have been delivering internet services to local residents and businesses since 1996.



If you live here, give us a call. Our technician will come to you and see if our signal is strong enough in your location. We have to come and see that there are no obstacles, like a chimney or a tree. Our technician will also have to see where to install our devices and where to run cables.

Our visit is completely free of charge and without any obligation. Call us or send an e-mail to set up a date for the visit.


After the technician confirms that we can provide the internet service to your home, you will need to come to our office to sign the contract – it’s the law. You can sign an open-ended contract, a contract for 6, 12, 24 month. The one-off installation charge is...

Your first contract must be for no more than two years – it’s the law.

After the contract is signed, we install our devices within a day or two, depending on the weather – it needs to be dry. We can’t have people working on the roof when it’s wet – it would be dangerous.

Installation works usually take us 1 – 4 hours. Depending on a lot of factors. You will be given a time estimate for installation works during the initial visit to your home.


What internet speeds will you need?

We provide speeds ranging from 512kb per second to 150 Mb per second.

Speeds up to 60 Mb/sec are in our standard price list and higher speeds are negotiated individually.


If you live in single-family house, we offer an individual connection that you will not be sharing with anyone. If you live in an apartment in multi-family housing, we offer shared internet connection at a lower price.


With us you get unlimited data.

Is our internet reliable? Ask your neighbour :)

To terminate the contract

You need to do it in writing and bring the letter to us, or send it by registered post – it’s the law.